Delay Your Ejaculation In a Natural Way

Premature ejaculation is clearly a real issue for some guys especially those who are not experienced in sex. That being said, premature ejaculation can mess up your sex life whether it is with your partner or by yourself. It can really mess up your social life too as it will diminish your confidence especially in relations to women. You can always take products to delay your ejaculation even though it is not recommendable. Most products have too many chemicals that can be dangerous for your body. It is better if you do these techniques which can help you to delay ejaculation in the most natural way.

The technique of edging

Have you ever heard about a technique that is called edging? It is a natural way to train your body to delay ejaculation as long as possible. Not only that, it is one of the best ways to cure premature ejaculation. The technique of edging can be done by all men as it is free and relatively easy to do.

In order to do edging, you have to be alone and by yourself. Give yourself some caress and get yourself excited sexually by playing with your genitals. Once you feel like you are about to have an orgasm, you stop and let your body cool down. Do this for several times over and over again until you can’t do it anymore. This will train your body to delay ejaculation as natural as possible without the help of chemical products.

Doing Kegel Exercise

Kegels are certainly one of the best ways of delaying ejaculation in a natural way. Kegels itself are not something that you do to delay the ejaculation on the spot, but more like training to do that. Thus, this is something that you do as a practice to control your ejaculation.

The Kegel exercise is relatively easy to follow and practice in your daily life. You just need to find your PC muscle which is the muscle between your groin. You can find it and feel it when you pee as it is the muscle that controls the flow of bladder. The exercise involves flexing and releasing your PC muscle and do it repetitively to strengthen that muscle you have.

Thinking about something else during sex

One of the most common reasons why you develop a premature ejaculation is because you think too much about sex. Because of that, your body gets too excited during sex so that you cannot control your body. One of the best ways to combat that problem is to think about something non-sexual during sex.

Obviously, we all have our own way of turning off our sex drive. You can choose whatever you want as a thing that would trigger that switch off button during sex. By thinking about it while you are almost reaching orgasm, you will be able to delay your ejaculation for a while. Despite so, it is better if you also do the two exercises above in order to delay your ejaculation even better.

How To Enlarge Breast At Home

Improvement of blood circulation in the breast

To improve the blood flow in the breast, use a cold shower. Under the shower with raised hands rub your breasts with a brush in a circular motion, starting under the breasts and moving to the side. Rub each breast for about 3-4 minutes.

You can also take a contrast shower. You can also apply cold compresses to the chest. After a warm shower, you should take a cold shower.

Compresses for breast enlargement

To improve blood circulation, elasticity and freshness of the breast skin you can apply a compress of camphor alcohol, vodka, or a mixture of equal parts of lemon juice and rum. Leave compress for 10 minutes. Then apply the cream on your hands and do breast massage. To do this, lift up one hand and make the stroking motions with the other hand, starting from the middle between the breasts, and continuing under the breasts. Repeat 8-10 times, then change hands. Then, do stroke movements with both hands from the middle between the two breasts up above the mammary glands to the axilla. Do it for 3-4 minutes.

Daily exercise for breast enlargement

Sport is crucial to maintaining the proper condition of the breasts. You can do any kind of sports, in which involved shoulder girdle: swimming, rowing, tennis, volleyball, etc.

It is recommended to perform following gymnastic complex every day:

With straightening arms do circular motions in the shoulder joint. Repeat 10 times back and 10 times forth.

Take dumbells in both hands and pull them forward and then slowly and simultaneously pull apart. Return the hands slowly way back to the starting position. Repeat 10-15 times.

Lower your hands along the body and make back circular movements only with shoulders, lifting them up as much as possible. Repeat 8-10 times.

Bend your elbows and push the palms to each other in front of the chest. Lift your elbows out of this position as high as possible (without separating the palms) and lower to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

Put on your head some heavy book and slowly squat, not holding the book wit hand. Slowly straighten. Repeat 10 times.

Complete this gymnastic complex with several respirations.

Breast augmentation with stem cells

Japanese surgeons announced the completion of clinical trials of a new technique for breast augmentation with own patients’ fat. Adipose tissue cells, which are used for breast augmentation is recovered from deposits on the abdomen or the hips. After that, it is enriched with stem cells, that are able to form new fat cells and blood vessels. This suspension is inserted into mammary gland by injection.

How To Increase Your Buttocks Fast And Easy?

A curvy figure is a lot more preferred by men and women these days thanks to celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez. Sadly, not all of us can be blessed with a curvy body especially when it comes to the buttock. Some people were born with a flat chest, yet some others were born with a flat butt. Despite so, you don’t have to be sad about it because you can always do something so that you can look like that. Here are some of the best methods for increasing the size of your buttocks significantly.

Do some exercise

The first method that you can do in order to have a bigger butt would be by doing a routine exercise that will target the buttock. There are several exercises that are amazing for your buttocks. For instance, you can do the jump squat in which you have to squat and immediately jump up and back at doing squat. This exercise is great for your butt because it targets the butt muscle. There are others easy exercises that you can do to enlarge your butt such as stair climbing, regular squatting, and also lounging.

Get your meds

Nowadays, we can just go to the pharmacy in order to alter the size of your body parts. For buttocks, there are so many medicines that you can choose. For instance, you can purchase pills to make your buttocks big to consume or a butt enlargement creams to apply. They are made out of the chemical formula that will increase the size of your butt. Of course, if you are not comfortable with chemical products, you can always try the amazing herbal alternative of butt enlargement products. Such products exist in the market, and they can be ideal for those who like herbs.

Going under the knife

Finally, you will have to consider this third method of butt enlargement products which is the surgery. Of course, they are not going to be that cheap, but they will give you the fastest results out of any other methods to increase your butt. The surgery that you go through will include the insertion of implantation into your butt. It will bring you a bigger size in just a matter of days as it will heal rather quickly. The negative side about having a buttocks enlargement surgery is that they possess a higher risk than the previously mentioned methods.

Climinax Premature Ejaculation Pills Review

Hi guys, in this article, I want to share my experience using Climinax. I hope this review can be useful and give a reference for you.

As a man, what is your dream or wish during the sexual intercourse with your partner? I’m pretty sure most of the men hope that they could last longer in bed. It’s annoying for men, when you look at the disappointment face of your partner because you come too quickly. You must be desperate to look at the satisfaction face and please your partner after a passionate sexual intercourse.

Climinax is premature ejaculation pills that make you last longer in bed without any side effects. All the natural ingredients were a great help to extend the climax time and enchanting the sex life. Your sexy time with your partner will not come as bleak just like in the past, but it will turn 180 degrees as you find more and more enjoyment in the future with Climinax. Say goodbye to premature ejaculation, depression, and disappointment.

Package and pill properties

The first impression when the packages arrive is neat and nice. It’s a little bit plain with white color but to me, that’s not a big deal. The bottle is plastic and wrapped with the label about the detail information, prescription, and the correct dosage in each pill. In addition, the tablets appear in brown capsule form. Overall, it’s packed nicely.

Climinax uses natural herbal formula. All of the ingredients come up from nutritious plant extracts through the world. The authority, Food and Drug Administration, already tested and checked the ingredients. These ingredients are safe and considered as nutritious food.

Shipping process

In my case, Climinax is shipped by FedEx right in front of my door. After the impatient waiting time, it arrived with strong sealed package box by FedEx. After that, I open the box and take out the bottle. Then, I start inspecting to make sure there is no defect in the product. And I can finally relieve that the package comes in fully sealed form, clean, and nice bottle. Climinax shows a remarkable salesmanship as they put some cotton around the bottle to make sure it’s safe during the shipment.

The Benefits

Compared with the other similar product, Climinax has a lot of more to offer. Intimacy and bond are extremely important in a relationship. Climinax can help you achieve that by giving you more lasting performance until you reach orgasm together with your partner.

Furthermore, this product is a great help for couples who want a baby. Since it helps you last longer and avoid premature ejaculation, the chance of insemination is also higher. There is no need to worry with all weird contraception for your partner or yourself anymore. Climinax provides a great help to fulfill your wish just with one pill.

The best part of this product is you don’t need to do exercises in anyways. You just need to consume the medicine with the right prescription without put any gross cream or such thing. One pill is enough.

In general, Climinax is much recommended for men who want to last longer in bed and avoid premature ejaculation. Moreover, the uses of natural ingredients make it more nutritious and safe to eat.

If Your Man Has Small Penis

Please don’t tell him he has a small penis, especially during arguments, or any kind of disagreements you might have. But also don’t lie and deny. In fact, I strongly believe that you have to address this issue in the relationships because if you don’t, he will be suffering. And what I mean by this, he will be having an issue with sustaining erections, especially during the oral sex, when you want to perform oral sex on him as well as during intercourse. His performance anxiety is going to go up; it is just not an enjoyable process. Sex in general for him will not be a deep most enjoyable process because that’s where he feels that he’s not good enough. I truly believe in addressing it.

And the way it could be, it is either he bring it up, or you bring up, and the greatest thing you can tell him that “I know you’re worried that you’re not big enough and that you’re not enough, but you are enough for me. I love this sex we have, and I could not have wished for anything better, you are so enough for me, even maybe you’re not enough for yourself”. Just address it and pinpoint that it’s beyond the point of importance.

And now that strategy I want to give you is to train your PC muscle. I know that 99% of women don’t train them. And especially if your man is smaller on the girth side, it’s so important to be in touch with your PC muscles, so you can contract them whenever you need, and that’s also going to help you to enhance your orgasms. And in fact, if you have hard times experience an orgasm, it’s going to pull the way up. Why not? So start today, I challenge you to start today.

Ok, if you think that you still need a man with a big penis, I really want to question then idea, where is that coming from? Isn’t it just a social condition, isn’t it the girlfriends or the boyfriends, if you’re homosexual relationships than being always chanting again and again that big penis means better man, a better lover. While the fact, it’s not true, but really reflect back about where this belief is coming from, and you don’t need to have big penis to have your orgasms. Because I always tell my clients that if you have at least two of your fingers and a tongue, you can have an amazing sex life. Because the first two inches of your vaginal vestibule is one of the most sensitive ones. So let your lover know about it, so he can lay and entertain this area more and more often.

Anyway, if you think that you cannot deal with a small penis size of your man, than it’s time to talk about penis traction device called SizeGenetics. It gives permanent penis enlargement results in  short period of time. This device is top rated for years. Men trust SizeGenetics’ claims, because it works, it’s made of hypoallergenic materials. It can enlarge penis and fix penis curvature, if you suffer from this issue. Just read this SizeGenetics review and buy the product officially

Also, sex is not just intercourse. And if you’re fixated at your sex life, around his penis, and around your vagina, and intercourse, I can really guarantee, and it’s going to be really brave assumption, that your sex life is pretty boring and monotone. So really explore your sex life with him, but ultimately address it first.

Also, I pulled up some research. They found out that some men get so anxious that they don’t get to have their full erection, meaning that if they don’t get the full erection yet, their size may be smaller, there is not a lot of enough blood flow going into appropriate places. And he proved that men in the relationships tend to have a stronger erection because this anxiety is down. So you might think “all right, well, anxiety is down, there could be issues with passion.” Well, this is the things that you have to work on to introduce this sense of playfulness adventure, and it will start with taking this definition of sex beyond the intercourse. But, most importantly, never blame him for having a smaller sized penis, because it’s out of his control.

Also don’t take it personally, if you notice that after you address this issue, if he’s been losing erections and his erection become softer for instance because he’s going for personal development and finding himself as a man. So don’t take it personally, and I know that some women and men do take it personally, which obviously create this negative pattern of when he feels that he’s not good enough, and it’s reinforced by you taking its personally, and he’s worried that if he loses the erection again, what you are going to think of him again, is he’s going to be less of a man.

So I hope I gave you really great strategies to address this issue of your love having a smaller penis. Remember sex is not just intercourse, don’t tell him he is small, don’t also lie to him, train your PC muscles, use the two inches that are so juicy in your vaginal vestibule.

How to Combat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

In today’s article, we want to talk about how to cure erectile dysfunction, but actually how to cure it naturally, not just with medication.

So the stats are pretty staggering for ED and that in the US alone, not worldwide, just in the US, there are somewhere between 20 and 30 million of men with erectile dysfunction going anywhere between mild and severe. And when you get older over 75, about half of the men have ED generally tending towards the severe.

So what can be done about it? Generally, there’s two major groups: one is medical intervention, one is alternative intervention. Medical intervention is your standard pills; you see them advertise all the time on TV – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. There is another kind of treatments that are little more invasive: vacuum pumps, injections, implants, and surgery. And these all work to one degree another with some side effects or not. However, they don’t treat the underlying condition, they treat the symptom of erectile dysfunction, but whatever is causing it, they don’t treat.

So many men prefer some natural options because, generally speaking, natural options look at the underlying cause of the problem. So let’s talk about a couple of these things.

Rhodiola Rosea

One is called Rhodiola, and you can get most of this stuff in vitamin shops. They did a study, very small study, 35 men, 26 of those guys were helped after three months of taking Rhodiola. Not bad. It is something to consider.


What they found with that guys with ED had low levels of DHEA, and they did a study that showed that if they supplemented with DHEA, they had some decent results after a six-month period of time. DHEA is a hormone, it is a precursor to testosterone, so it gives you a little bit more desire, a little bit more libido. It doesn’t necessarily work on the cause; this is more of a libido enhancer.


L-Arginine is one of the major steps you can take to overcome erectile dysfunction naturally. L-Arginine in the body is a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is something that helps to dilate blood vessels, and it’s this dilation of the blood vessels that give you proper blood flow, which is what is important for an erection. In this study they combined L-Arginine with pycnogenol, which is a proprietary herb, it’s French pine bark, but they do a special process to it, so they patented the name Pycnogenol. And they’ve had very good results, guys taking five grams of an L-Arginine a day with pycnogenol. And that’s a really good treatment, especially because of the L-Arginine.

Nitric Oxide

One of the best treatments for reversing erectile dysfunction by looking at the underlying causes, something called nitric oxide therapy, which helps to repair the lining of your blood vessels, which is the place that nitric oxide is formed. And nitric oxide therapy is really composed of L-Arginine, as we just were talking about, but also in combination with L-citrulline and the number of other ingredients.