Delay Your Ejaculation In a Natural Way

Premature ejaculation is clearly a real issue for some guys especially those who are not experienced in sex. That being said, premature ejaculation can mess up your sex life whether it is with your partner or by yourself. It can really mess up your social life too as it will diminish your confidence especially in relations to women. You can always take products to delay your ejaculation even though it is not recommendable. Most products have too many chemicals that can be dangerous for your body. It is better if you do these techniques which can help you to delay ejaculation in the most natural way.

The technique of edging

Have you ever heard about a technique that is called edging? It is a natural way to train your body to delay ejaculation as long as possible. Not only that, it is one of the best ways to cure premature ejaculation. The technique of edging can be done by all men as it is free and relatively easy to do.

In order to do edging, you have to be alone and by yourself. Give yourself some caress and get yourself excited sexually by playing with your genitals. Once you feel like you are about to have an orgasm, you stop and let your body cool down. Do this for several times over and over again until you can’t do it anymore. This will train your body to delay ejaculation as natural as possible without the help of chemical products.

Doing Kegel Exercise

Kegels are certainly one of the best ways of delaying ejaculation in a natural way. Kegels itself are not something that you do to delay the ejaculation on the spot, but more like training to do that. Thus, this is something that you do as a practice to control your ejaculation.

The Kegel exercise is relatively easy to follow and practice in your daily life. You just need to find your PC muscle which is the muscle between your groin. You can find it and feel it when you pee as it is the muscle that controls the flow of bladder. The exercise involves flexing and releasing your PC muscle and do it repetitively to strengthen that muscle you have.

Thinking about something else during sex

One of the most common reasons why you develop a premature ejaculation is because you think too much about sex. Because of that, your body gets too excited during sex so that you cannot control your body. One of the best ways to combat that problem is to think about something non-sexual during sex.

Obviously, we all have our own way of turning off our sex drive. You can choose whatever you want as a thing that would trigger that switch off button during sex. By thinking about it while you are almost reaching orgasm, you will be able to delay your ejaculation for a while. Despite so, it is better if you also do the two exercises above in order to delay your ejaculation even better.