NOTICE: This site is meant for educational purposes. This is meant to be a frank discussion of male sexuality. This site includes fotos & diagrams of the penis. If U don’t wish to view these pages, please go back now!

Yes, I would love 2 ENTER this site and learn about Foreskin “Self” Restoration.

Or you could just get your ass the hell out of here and LEAVE this site now!

Why am I Restoring

Why: My reasons are simple. Because, it should never have been taken away in the first place. Every man was born / designed with a foreskin. duh! . I don’t in any way, blame my parents. I’d rather focus my positive energy on my self restoration.

I simply want my Foreskin back! all you need is focus.

My personal info

Restoration Start Date: 1.1.2000

Age: 35

Penis: 4.5″ (flaccid) 4.5″ (girth flaccid) 7.25″ (erect) 5.75″ (girth erect)

Cut, loosely (i’ve got some extra skin)

Sexualality: (a letter to the restore-list) I know it’s not nessisary to emphasize your sexuality on this list. we are here to talk about foreskin restoration. but i feel the need to do so. not exactly sure why. possibly because some of U e-mailed me sounding somewhat surprised. so but here i go. when i 1st started restoring & joined this list, i played the straight guy in hopes that i wouldn’t get harassed for being bisexual. again, i’m not sure why. maybe because i was brought up somewhat homophobic? maybe because many gay guys are being harassed in the U.S.? maybe because i was scared? but, i always knew that i wanted to have a boyfriend someday. after the breakup of my girlfriend (which was very hard on both of us) i thought the that time was right. plus, the fact that i’m restoring my foreskin made me a wee bit more interested in male sexuality. the penis is a wonderful thang. especially a natural/uncut one 🙂 my new & 1st ever boyfriend Gaven is unfortunitly cut as well 🙁 & what’s so wonderful (besides his great spirit) is that he now wants to restore. sorry about my spelling. spell check on Yahoo suxx! so now U have it. i’m out & very happy!

Most Importantly, My Goal: full coverage flaccid, 3/4 coverage erect.

Me, what I’m really like!

A close friend sent me this & said: “your gonna be a Intact-Boy again! Plus he kinda looks like U.” maybe? well i think the red hair is about it. i don’t have a foreskin just yet, plus this guy doesn’t have pubes. lol!

Yah that’s me, the only guy with his big mouth wide open! white water rafting on the American River, CA. (river rating 3-4)